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Cola Quiz

What cola is best suited for you? Find out with this handy tool!

1. What is most like your personality?
     A. Calm and cool.
     B. Full of life and ready to party.
     C. A little bit of both.
2. What do you like in a soda?
     A. A generally sweet taste, with the smallest bitter kick.
     B. One sweet enough to make me feel like I just drank pure sugar.
     C. A healthy mix of the two.
3. What else do you like in a soda?
     A. Good chugga-bility.
     B. I perfer a sipping soda.
     C. I'd like a soda that could go either way.
Mostly A's- You, my friend, are perfectly matched up with Coca - Cola. It's smooth and not-so-sweet taste is perfect for you.
Mostly B's- Your sweet tooth shows. Your craving for an ultra-sweet cola can only be hampered by a Pepsi. So snag a can and indulge. You've earned it.
Mostly C's- The need for a good in-between cola is answered by RC cola. The great mix of a sweet, sweet cola and a nice, mellow soda is perfect for your taste buds.
         *Note- This is only a suggestion. You choose your own cola.