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Sip Tips

Want to know the propeer way to drink that soda? Read on, fellow soda freak, read on!

* Do try to drink your soda out of a glass bottle.  It stays cold longer and tastes fresher then in a can or plastic bottle. The ranks for best taste are as follows:
1.  Glass bottle- It's the head honcho of soda pop containers.  It's the single best way to drink your soda. Coke sells their soda in 8, 10, and 12 ounce glass bottles, but I'm not so sure about Pepsi and RC cola.
2. Can- This type of container keeps the soda fresher for longer, and keeps the soda more flavorful than in a plastic bootle.
3. Plastic Bottle- This type of container is ranked worst on the list.  The soda that is kept in a plastic bottle usually has the least full flavor, and expires prompter than any other type of container.
Fountain Soda*-  This type is not in the list since it is so different. Fountain soda barely tastes like the soda it represents, and not in a bad way.  It's flavor is so unique, I just couldn't put it down on here.
* Drink a soda you don't like every once in a while. This is so that after the drink is through, you can seek salvation in your favorite soda, and enjoy it that much more.

* Do not EVER put ice in your soda. This flavorally fatal mistake is made by many men and women in the summer months.  When the ice melts in the soda, it dilutes it, leaving a thin, unappealing excuse for a soda.
* This may seem like a no brainer, but some people still make this mistake a lot. They let their soda get warm!  Some even dig their soda further in the hole by putting ICE cubes in it!  The moral of this story:
Keep your cola as chill as you can.  It all leads to cola catastrophe if you don't.