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Find out what's happening in the world of soda right here, right now!

It's back..... For a little while anyway. PepsiCo. has recently released a new line of soda using real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup under the name "Throwback". The sodas have an amazing taste that was originally lost to HFCS, and was sorely missed. Unfortunately, PepsiCo. has given this line a short leash of life, and is available for only a limited time. Grab this gem before it boogie woogie oogies off the shelves forever.

Not a Bad Cola....
Wawa has been selling their own brand of different flavored colas to compete with the more popular brands that sell well in their store, and today I decided to give them a chance.  A good decision on my part.  I went to grab a Canada Dry ( I've been craving those lately), and i noticed a peculiar colored soda right next to it.  I turned the bottle around to see the brand, and I saw that it was Wawa brand Strawberry Cola.  So I put down my Ginger Ale and bought that.  I was plesantly surprised!  It starts out very sweet and kicks you in the mouth, but once your taste bud go brain dead after a few sips, it is quite a nice cola. It's also about 40 cents cheaper than other 20 ounce sodas, so its ideal for the economy wise.  All in all, I would highly recommend that particular flavor of the Wawa brand.  By the way, that's not their only flavor.  They also have pineapple, lime, blue raspberry, regular cola, and root beer, so you don't have to have just one.